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Dr James O’Malley, Whitley Bay Chiropractor

Dr James O'Malley, Whitley Bay Chiropractor

Dr James O’Malley, Whitley Bay Chiropractor

From an early age I could not get my head around being told,”take these pills and the pain will go away.”

Of course everyone needs emergency medication but to be given this on a long term basis which naturally suppresses your body’s response to pain makes no sense to me!

Chiropractic philosophy works on the basis that pain is a good thing as it is letting you know that there is something wrong, so to ignore it long-term is damaging to both your body and health.

At the age of thirteen I became a Chiropractic patient after sustaining a serious low back injury after a fall on the stairs. I had suffered with low back pain which was affecting my quality of life for a twelve month period until my first adjustment.

The chiropractor explained the fall had caused my sacroiliac joint to become restricted, giving me a short right leg which was irritating the sciatic nerve and causing referred leg pain. After a course of treatment I was pain free and back doing all of my regular activities.

From then on I became a regular maintenance patient and eventually pursued it as my chosen career path.

A Rugby Scholarship Paved The Way

With my interest in Chiropractic forged, fortunately the oldest and most prestigious university in the world, Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, USA, offered rugby scholarships. So for my brother and I, who were both playing rugby at the Newcastle Falcons, it was a no-brainer.

We both graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic, successfully passing all four parts of the American board exams, the Physiotherapy board exam and then finally. . . the dreaded UK Chiropractic test of competence exam.

Get To Know Your Whitley Bay Chiropractors

My brother and I pride ourselves on being good listeners. We can help by really getting to the cause of the problem rather than simply treating your symptoms. Long-term relief, naturally.

The key to our success in getting you on a path to freedom from pain is trust – call or email us today and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about starting your chiropractic care with us.

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