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Meet Our Whitley Bay Chiropractors

Dr James O'Malley, Whitley Bay Chiropractor

Dr James O’Malley, Whitley Bay Chiropractor

Dr James O’Malley (Chiropractor)

From an early age I could not get my head around being told,”take these pills and the pain will go away.”

Of course everyone needs emergency medication but to be given this on a long term basis which naturally suppresses your body’s response to pain makes no sense to me!

Chiropractic philosophy works on the basis that pain is a good thing as it is letting you know that there is something wrong, so to ignore it long-term is damaging to both your body and health.

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Dr Jonathan O'Malley, Whitley Bay Chiropractor

Dr Jonathan O’Malley, Whitley Bay Chiropractor

Dr Jonathan O’Malley (Chiropractor)

By the young age of 11 I had already had many surgeries on my ears as I used to experience chronic ear infections.

I had to take many antibiotics – as a result my teeth became stained and I had severe stomach problems.

So before getting yet another operation, my mother’s chiropractor asked if he could examine me. He discovered major misalignments in my neck.

I followed a short treatment plan and through gentle adjustments the chiropractor took the pressure off the nerves going to my ears.


The Bubble FoundationThe Bubble Foundation UK

Our clinic system of Monkseaton Chiropractic, Cramlington Chiropractic and Vitality Chiropractic are proud sponsors of the Newcastle Bubble Foundation which helps children born with, or who develop, very low immune systems.

We collect presents at Christmas in return for reduced treatment prices and once a year run a month-long reduced rate for new patients with the proceeds going to the charity. In 2013 we raised nearly 1500 pound between the clinics.

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